Configuring The Wi-Fi Routers With Default IP Address

With the evolution of technology and the various other things, we can assure that the world is only waking up to the progress all the time. Ever since technology got on the internet, the people can be absolutely assured of the fact that the people have made a much more comfortable world for themselves. Of course, one must understand that when it comes to the technology as well as the internet, then the Wi-Fi router is one of the most important things that can help you. One must completely understand that the Wi-Fi router is very important for the offices as well as houses.

These help people get through with the best results for themselves almost all the time. But then again understanding how to configure the router is equally important for the people. There is completely no doubt in the fact that if the process of configuration is clear then one can do the same without any problem at all. But then again, before one starts they will have to make sure that they have an ethernet cable to themselves in the first place. Then they can start with the process of configuring their router. The method mentioned will help them get through.

The process to follow:

Following is the process that people must follow in order to get through with the configuration of the Wi-Fi router:

  • 1. The very first things to do is make sure that you are connecting the computer to that of the modem. All you have to do is connect the ethernet cable to the computer’s LAN portal and that of the routers as well. There are 4 ports usually available for connecting the ethernet. You can use these.
  • 2. Then you will have to open the computer and then you will have to go to the web browser that you may want to use. This web browser is on the exact computer that is connected to the ethernet, then will offer you with great results all in all.
  • 3. The next step is to go to the URL as mentioned, IP. Most of the routers have this as a default browser. Yes, the default browser is where you need to go and this is exactly why you must be aware of your router’s default browser.
  • 4. Then you will have to log in with the help of the username and the password provided to you as a default.
  • 5.Once you come to the homepage, you will have to go and check with the internet settings.
  • 6. Checking with the settings is important as you will have to make sure that if the correct IP configuration is done at all.
  • 7. Then you will have to choose the Wireless settings and go and change the SSID name to what you want.
  • 8. Then you will have to go and select a router password for yourself. You can select the WAP2 from the drop down menu as this is the most severe form of security.
  • 9. Once all is set and done, then you will have to click on the Apply option.

This will make things easier for you when it comes to the configuring the Wi-Fi router in general.


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