Download Safari for PC Windows(7/8.1/10)

Safari For PC People who use iOS devices or Mac must be aware of the word ‘Safari, ’ but many people don’t know about Safari. Safari is nothing but a web browser which is developed by Apple and it is based on Webkit engine. Safari is the default browser for Apple products. If you want you can download, install and access all the features to Download Safari for Windows 10 too. Safari used solely on Mac until iPhone released. Then it became the default browser on both the Apple device.

Download Safari for PC - iOS Devices For Free:

Safari comes with many unique features which are not present in our default browser or in any other browser. Once Apple made this browser available for Windows OS too but then discontinued. It was available from 2007 to 2012 only. Though this browser is officially not available for Windows if you want you can download and install Safari for PC and access all its features. In this article, I am going to discuss all you need to know about safari.

All you need to know about Safari for PC

When Safari was launched for the first time, it won millions of hearts by its awesome design and features. Before Safari was launched, people were using browsers only for connecting to the internet. When Safari launched browsing the internet became a joy.

In the initial stage, this browser was available only on Mac, but it became more popular when Apple made this browser available for windows too. The developers are adding more features to it in every upgrade since it launched. The awesome user interface, the easy navigation option from site to site and many other added features made Safari unique and popular among its users.

Features of Safari for PC

As I said earlier, Safari browser comes with some unique features which you won’t get in any other browser. But you will get all the latest features of Safari only on iOS devices and on Mac because after version 5.1.7 (which was released on 2012) Apple kept this browser for Apple products only. So if you want to download and install  Safari on your PC, you will get the version 5.1.7 and its features only.  Some of safari’s (Version 5.1.7) features are given below.

  • Tabbed browsing is enabled in Safari.
  • Bookmarking experience in the browser improves with Safari browser.
  • You can block ads from Safari, and it reminds you by popping up.
  • You can search history and the bookmarks in Safari.
  • You can search texts too from Safari.
  • Spell checking is enabled in this browser which is unique.
  • The multi-bar option allows you to customize up to 10 different browser toolbars.
  • There is an ‘internet search’ option in the toolbar, where you can search directly for anything, and the result will be provided either by Google or Yahoo.

How to download Safari for PC?

If you want to download and install Safari on your PC, then you need to install the old (5.1.7) version as Apple didn’t make available the latest versions for Windows. Though on the web you may get the latest setup files, those won’t work on your PC because those are for Apple products.  You can download Safari to your PC by following the below-mentioned steps.

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