How to Download Uber for PC on Windows (7/8.1/10 and Mac) Laptop

Remember the time you all have wasted waiting for a cab to come? Standing on the road waiting for a rainy day but the cab never really showed up. The first day of your job which will act as a milestone for your future but you got late just because you couldn’t find a cab to your workplace or the day you almost missed your sister-in-law’s wedding. Well obviously we can’t fix any of it but we can surely pave a way out of it. Thanks to technology, for making our life so much easier and comfortable Without the advancement of technology, our life would have been troublesome. Suppose your car breaks down in the middle of the night and you have caught a flight. What are you going to do then?

Think of how much time you will be saving when a taxi is waiting for you at your doorsteps. No more waiting. This could be done by downloading a very handy app Uber on your smartphones. Indeed, every one of us has that app on our smartphones because of its tremendous experience. But suppose when we lose our smartphones or it has gone for replacement or repairing. What then now? Our life would be so uber less than. Would we again wait hours for a taxi? Surely, we could just call a taxi or cab service but over so many years of using uber, we have become so obsessed with its feature which indeed is very addictive.

Like for an example, I would like to know who my driver is, when is he arriving and how people have rated him. Being a female I also have to keep in mind of our safety. So, in this article, I’ll be talking about the uber app, why it is better than normal cabs and also steps to Download Uber for PC/Laptop on Windows especially for those days when you lose your phone.

What is Uber and how it is better than normal cabs?

Uber is a traveling app where you can book any vehicle ranging from cabs to SUVs. Uber is one of the best traveling apps available in the market to this date. With its services and convince it didn’t fail to amaze people and that’s the only reason why it is so much popular among people. It never goes out of service because of its large network of drivers.

All you have to do is contact a driver through uber and he will be available for you in few minutes. You can pick up the driver according to the rating and reviews, pay the bill through PayPal or credit card and an e-bill will be emailed to you when you reach your destination. It provides different varieties of traveling option. It tells us the exact amount of fare according to the distance traveled. It also provides safety to its customer.

Uber is better than normal cabs/ taxis as:

  • You can easily book a cab through your phone within seconds.
  • It is fully air-conditioned.
  • It charges less fair amount.
  • It just not only look after customer satisfaction but also customer safety.
  • You can pay the bill through PayPal/ credit card/ debit card.
  • An e-bill will be generated upon reaching the destination to reduce wastage of paper.

Through its services, uber has won millions of hearts. Also, the app is highly rated with all positive reviews and satisfied clients.

Steps to Download Uber for PC/Laptop on Windows:

For those days when you won’t be having your smartphone with you maybe you lost it or you have sent it for repairing or replacement, you have to find an alternative way so that you can still enjoy the uber services. Instead of calling a cab or taxi service and maybe risking your safety you can download the Uber app on your Windows laptop/ PC or Mac laptop/ PC.

All you need to have is Bluestacks emulator already installed on your system so that you can Download Uber App on your system and continue with its services. By following these simple steps you can Download Uber for PC/Mac on Windows:

  • On your system open up the bluestack emulator.
  • Once the window pops up, type ‘Uber’ on the search bar and search for it.
  • After getting the desired result, click on the authentic uber app and install it.
  • The app size will be around 18 MB and it will take few seconds or minutes to install it depending on the internet connection.
  • Once the app is installed you can find the app in the app section of the bluestack emulator.
  • Double click on the uber app and enjoy the services it provides.

Key Features of Uber App:

  • Uber permits us to pay our bills through PayPal and credit cards. You don’t have to worry anymore about the right amount of cash and change. All you have to do is recharge the amount available in the app and pay for the ride once you reach your destination. You can recharge the amount anytime and anywhere even while using the app itself.
  • The receipt of the bill will be e-mailed to you once you reach your destination.
  • By using uber you will have all the information about you driver i.e. his/ her name with a photograph, ratings he/ she got by other passengers, the vehicle number of the driver’s vehicle, time of his arrival so that you can utilise the time in-between and don’t have to keep waiting for the cab, the duration of time it will take to reach your destination and the taxi fare.
  • Uber also keeps all the information of the drivers for security and safety purposes.
  • Uber allows us to recharge it through PayPal/ credit cards/ debit cards/ net banking any way suitable and convenient to us.
  • It also has a unique feature which allows us to recharge uber for a friend or offer him/her a ride.
  • Uber has also introduced airport cabs which give us ride from our home to airport or vice versa with reasonable charges. You can do this by booking a cab for airport instead of the normal ones in an uber app.